Custom Finishing by BCNW

We're a fully equipped custom matching shop for all your hardwood needs. We do everything from matching a vent to your prefinished wood floor to custom pieces from S4S. 

Here's a look at what we do:

Custom Finishing services - Call us for Pricing

Custom Vents

Custom Wooden Vents in Portland, Oregon by BC Northwest Distribution

Picture the brand-new hardwood floor you just installed for your customer. You probably don't want them to need to install those unsightly metal vents, right? Turn to BCNW to help you match the right size vent, color, and species to match your product. The best part is, in-stock sizes it will be ready for pick-up in less a week 

Custom Treads and Risers

Custom Finished Wood treads, risers, and stair parts by BC Northwest in Portland, Oregon

Custom treads and risers can sometimes be scary to match - people spend a lot of money on materials and labor to get them to par. BCNW stocks stair parts to match to your wood floor and has years of experience prepping these expensive pieces. 

Custom Trim Parts

Custsom wooden trim parts for wood flooring by BC Northwest in Portland, Oregon

Trim parts are often forgotten until the last minute. They're the final step before the job is complete, and usually the last step before you get paid. Be sure to reach out and we will be happy to help you with t-molding, flushmount reducer, stair nosing, base shoe and more. 

Custom S4S Manufacturing

Custom S4S in Portland, Oregon by BC Northwest Distribution

Got that crazy piece you can't find anywhere? Not able to make and custom finish it yourself? Already checked and a custom die doesn't make sense for a project this small? Reach out and we can talk about something just for you.

Amazing Turn Around Time

Fast-Turn around time on custom-finished parts in Portland, Oregon by BC Northwest Distribution

We do all of our custom finishing on the weekends, first-come-first-serve by order date, and rarely spills into the work week. If you order a custom part on a Thursday and get us a sample before Saturday, the part is usually ready in 3-4 days. That's unprecedented in the custom finishing world.

How we're so good at matching almost any color

Expert color matching in Portland, Oregon by BC Northwest Distribution

We've been in the business of matching custom parts longer then BC Has been in business. With over 20 years of experience, and the latest and greatest in products, we can produce almost any color in the rainbow. Blue, Green, Purple (and yes, brown or grey) you name it, we can probably do it. 

Have something not listed you want us to try to tackle?

Please reach out if you have a special sort of project not listed here. We employ a staff of highly trained and skilled carpenters that are able to make almost anything out of wood. It's free to ask!

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